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Tuesday, 12-16-2014


Tuesday, 12-16-2014

Workout of the Day

Power Clean 2×10
*Working at same weight or 5lbs more from last week
*Warm up with sets of 3’s to two working sets of 10 touch & go reps
Four Rounds For Time:
25 Calorie Row
100 Double Unders
*Scale number of DU’s as needed or sub 50 lateral barbell jumps per round. 
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Sooooo many great photos and videos out there to choose from.  We’ll start with this one from the Weightlifting Meet on Saturday.  Coach Megan at her best (pre-lift or pre-comp dancing!)
10428602_10100242018240583_8408206994024267798_nRecap of the meet coming soon….

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