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Tuesday, 12-9-2014


Tuesday, 12-9-2014

Forgot to post this last week:  ACF Newsletter December2014
Thanks for checking out the “Alpine Times” =)
Workout of the Day
Power Clean 2×10
*Working at same weight or 5lbs more from last week
*Warm up with sets of 3’s to two working sets of 10 touch & go reps
Three Rounds For Reps, 60sec at each station:
Rope Climbs
Shoulders to Overhead 135/95
Rope Climbs
Shuttle Sprints (North to South walls)
Rest station
*Standard Rx ACF rope climb – Start with knees on ground, head to rafters, return to ground in full control.
*Sub towel pull-ups for the Rope Climbs today

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Use that hook grip today for the high rep Power Cleans.

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