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Tuesday 2-7-2012


Tuesday 2-7-2012


Complete in 30 minutes:
Deadlift 3×8 @ 75-80%
Front Squat  3×8 @ 75-80%
If time:
Glute Bridges 3×5
Today is a HEAVY day.  No WOD is needed! If the lifts don’t make you breath hard, you aren’t lifting heavy enough!! Please be on time to get mobilized and warmed up!
You’ve registered right?? We’ll be doing the Open WODs in the gym each week as well as traveling to other gyms to participate.  The OPEN is OPEN for everyone!! First workout is announced Feb 22nd. Join Team Alpine!!
Does this look familiar??? If this is you… PLEASE do not come to the gym!!  It will NOT do you any good to work out.  It will NOT make you feel better and you will NOT sweat out your cold! It will just weaken your already weak immune system and you’ll be sick even longer. Plus I KNOW you don’t want your fellow athletes feeling this crappy too right??
Rest, fluids, good food.  Come back when you are healthy and can hit it hard!

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