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Tuesday, 4-26-2016


Tuesday, 4-26-2016

Workout of the Day
Bulgarian Split Squats
5 Sets x5 reps on each leg

*Increase weight each set
**Holding a pair of KB at sides OR one single KB in front


For Time:
50 cal Assault Bike
50 Ball Slams 40/30
25 Push-ups
50 Ground to Overhead w/ Plate 45/35
25 Burpees

**If more than 4 people in class then just start another group at a different station with 50 reps, keep the pushups in same progression
Group 1 does wod as written
Group 2
50 Ball slams
50 GTO w/ plate
25 Pushups
50 cal Assault bike
25 Burpees

Here is a variation of the Bulgarian Split Squat with a Barbell loaded on the back. Instead  we will use a pair of kettlebells held at your sides, or one single bell held in front of you like a Goblet Squat.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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