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Tuesday, 5-26-2015


Tuesday, 5-26-2015

Thank you to everyone who came out for Murph yesterday!!  In honor of Memorial day week, we will do TWO more Hero WODs this week….including today. Enjoy my friends =)
***Due to Monday’s Holiday, we missed our regular Monday Back Squat Routine, you are welcome to make up the following squats on your own today or any time this week:
Back Squat 3×10  Go heavier than LAST WEEK
*Make up only and will not be performed in class time today.
Workout of the Day
Push Press  5×3 @ 85%
Modified “Tommy Mac”
Two Rounds For Time:
6 Burpees
12 Thrusters  115/75
6 Burpees
12 Power Snatch  115/75
6 Burpees
12 Push Jerks  115/75
6 Burpees
12 Hang Squat Clean  115/75
6 Burpees
12 Overhead Squats  115/75


*Tommy Mac is normally 12 burpees instead of 6.  You’re welcome =)


Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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