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Tuesday, 5-5-2015


Tuesday, 5-5-2015

Check out our May Newsletter.  Enjoy some fun responses from Laura T and #GarikThePlumber this month:
 ACF Newsletter May 2015
I don’t often do this for her but I wanted to give someone a big shout-out for the Newsletters.  Please be sure to give my lovely wifey a shout out, high five, or hug for her great work on the monthly newsletters.  I generally write a couple of the segments but over the last couple months she has taken the newsletter on solely  along with helping to operate Alpine and running her own biz.  
Thank you Luv =) =) =)
On to today’s programming….happy Cinco de Mayo everyone.  Hope you enjoy a nice selzer water (and definitely not a Corona or Margarita of course…) after this benmark WOD today:
Workout of the Day
10min to practice and work up your best 3rm of the Sotts Press.  
*Sotts press is an incredible accessory piece for shoulder stability and upper back/shoulder/thoracic mobility. Typically this is performed from a behind-the-neck press. If you have a solid BTN Sotts press, then try this 3rm from the Front Rack (much more difficult).  If you struggle with this movement pattern, try working in a 3×3 at least 3x per week before/after your workout with an empty bar to improve your posture.

21-15-9 reps, for time:
Thruster (95 lbs)
*Go hard!  We haven’t visited Fran in a while.  Last performed on September 22nd, 2014.  Click link below for the previous post and some videos and tips.
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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