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Tuesday, 5-8-2012


Tuesday, 5-8-2012

This week is our LAST WEEK of the skillz challenge.  Many of you have already surpassed your skill goal (congrats!)  Dial it in this week if you have not yet done so.  Coaches are here to help you!!
We are also 24 days into the 30/60/90 strict Paleo challenge as well! Keep it up everyone and ask your coaches questions and for feedback!!!
Bench Press 3-3-3-1
10min AMRAP
15 Overhead squats 95/65
2  11′ rope climbs
*Rope climb standards: no jumping, start with knees on the ground, and touch the top of the rafter.

Thank you for coming to Alpine last week Rosanne. When would you all like to have the tank back?? 60 days?? Post to comments please!

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