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Tuesday, 6-17-2014


Tuesday, 6-17-2014

If you missed the action from this weekend be sure to check out The Legends Competition Facebook page or follow #AlpineLegends for you #Hashtag# fans.
Stay tuned for more incredible photos from Shaughnessy Photography and Andrew Mares Photography and Katie Zapp!
For now, enjoy this – the epic Friday Highlight video from D$!  Saturday highlights to come with more faces and heats.

 Workout of the Day
Front Squat (Same rep scheme and percentages as the Back Squats from last week)
5-3-1 (65%,75%,85%)
5-3-1 (75%,85%,95%)
Three Rounds For Time:
30 Lateral Barbell Jumps
15 Pull-ups
5 Power Snatches 135/95
Today’s Post is a tribute to our Volunteers.  I really can’t express enough gratitude to all of you who took time out of your Friday and Saturday to help put on this event.  It really could not happen with out all of your hard work and want you to know that you are appreciated so much!  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and did not work too hard over the weekend.  I tried to catch up with everyone during the event and say thanks – if I didn’t get much of a chance I apologize!  This is my official THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!!!
Judges – Nate, Trish, Fousty, JC, Mikey, Luke, Molly, ZaCH, Amanda KD, Annie, August, Doug, Kyle, Brando, Joe B, Julie, Quinn, Megan W, Shara S
General Volunteers – Lily, Rette, Mo, Anna, Samantha, D$, Heather S, Benzo, Lisa K, Ryan, Mandy F, Jason N, Bar Bender Bonnie, Lena, Michelle F, Bill B, Renee, Andrew M, Katie Z, Heidi, Jesse K, Amanda R, Jennifer O, Roberto, Kevin E.
Hash Tag “Photo Of The Event!!”

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