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Tuesday, 8-25-2015


Tuesday, 8-25-2015

Today’s post is a little congrats & gratitude for Coach Emily!  She just finished (and survived!) her long swim across Horsetooth Resevoir this weekend….a total of a 10k/6.2 mile SWIM….yes, swim not run.  WOW!!  
We are also very thankful to have Emily as a coach at Alpine.  This is a difficult post to write because we (Emily, Lily, and I) have mutually decided that Wednesday evening will be Emily’s last regularly scheduled classes at ACF and we wanted to officially announce it to everyone here.  Yes unfortunately that means this Wednesday will be our final regularly scheduled Yoga class (on a weekly basis) too.  
For the time being….stay tuned….
We will still have Emily coach “as needed” and for what works with her schedule and ACF.  You will still have her coach from time-to-time as well as perhaps an intermittent Yoga class here and there.  She will also be available for Endurance Coaching for anyone interested in customized Endurance coaching supplemented with CrossFit and vice-versa.   
 Just keep swimming….just keep swimming….
Now let’s get a great turnout for her tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30pm & Yoga!!
Thank you, Em!! =]

 Workout of the Day
Ab Blaster 5000!  
*Just like last week!  #absonabsonabs
Not for time but A.F.A.P:
25 Med Ball Sit-ups
60sec plank
25 V-ups
60sec plank
25 Toes to Bar
60sec plank
Death By….Burpees
*Yup, that ^^^^^ just happened.  Enjoy.
*Record total # of reps completed.
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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