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Warrior Results & Alpine BBQ – Monday 8-20-2012


Warrior Results & Alpine BBQ – Monday 8-20-2012

Pre-Gauntlet Results from events 1-4 at Saturday’s Warrior CF Comp –
Photos of the event compliments of Eric Chin of CrossFit SoCo (more to come from Shaughnessey Photography)
Congratulations to our winners!
1st Natalie McClain – CrossFit Venture
2nd Juli Bauer – CrossFit Broadway
3rd Kendra Vail – CrossFit Evolve
1st Nick Beghtol – MBS CrossFit
2nd Sean Turner – CrossFit SoCo
3rd Jonathon Pink – CrossFit Broadway
Spirit of the Warrior (voted by our judges and volunteers who best represent the heart of the CrossFit community)
Men: Tom Ashby – CrossFit Lakewood
Women: Tie between Danielle Chollet of CrossFit Julia and Emily Fenwick of ALPINE!

Look for a “reflections post” from me tomorrow about this epic event…
Don’t forget Alpine that we have a Going Away BBQ for Sharla this Friday at 5:30pm (after the 4:30pm class so NO 5:30pm on Friday).  Sharla is one of our Alpine OG’s (Original Gangster 🙂 and her family are moving to Montana this weekend.  We will have a Farewell WOD for her on Friday too.  We will miss you Sharla!! 
For the BBQ, Alpine will provide the grilling and meat.  Please bring a Paleo friendly side dish and your favorite beverages to enjoy with your fellow Alpiners.
Thruster (from rack) 2-2-2-2-2
**We are finishing the strength program with a 1RM back squat and press next Monday
5 Wall walks
50 Air squats

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    1. RZ

      Hey Mark. For competition sake there was no distinction between Rx or Mod when scoring with the WODclub system. Everyone was Rx besides a couple people who did single unders during the Snatch ladder

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