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Wednesday, 10-22-2014


Wednesday, 10-22-2014

Workout of the Day

Day 3 – Week 3 of 5
Alternate movements, resting 60sec between each set.
A)  Front Rack Lunges (Advanced: OH Lunges) 3×10  *Go Heavier than last week.
B)  Ring Dips (weighted if possible) 4×5  *Also heavier than last week.
5k Meter Row
*This is a benchmark – please be sure to post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Here’s a shot from Sunday’s seminar with Jared Enderton.  We even had a surprise visit from Sam Dancer too.  Good thing they BOTH didn’t lift on Sunday because I’m not sure if we have enough weight at Alpine. 
I know very few of you know who Sam Dancer is but here is a quick intro…

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