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Wednesday 11/14/2012


Wednesday 11/14/2012

Surround yourself with people who challenge you to be amazing, not people who allow you to stay where you are.
15min AMRAP:
1 Wall Walk
10 Walking Lunges
2 Wall Walks
10 Walking Lunges
3 WW…..
Increase your Walk Walks by 1 each “round”. RX= nose to wall.
This weekend on both Saturday and Sunday we have Alpine peeps competing in the MBS Turkey challenge! Two teams with Seabass, JC, Kourtney, Mike, Foust, Emily and Robyn! Come out and cheer them on! MBS puts on a great event!

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  1. Rachel S.

    Time to feel some burning legs!!!
    Excited for all the turkey challengers. I did the comp last year and it was a lot of fun. Hope to be there on Sunday and watch 🙂

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