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Wednesday, 12-10-2014


Wednesday, 12-10-2014

Current registration for the 2014 Holiday Weightlifting Meet:
2014 ACF Holiday WL Meet ROSTER
*Please note that with ACF hosting our annual Meet, there will be no classes this Saturday morning* We will still have Sunday 9-11am Open Gym and this will be the best day to make-up Saturday’s squat cycle.
Workout of the Day
Week 2 of 3, Day 2 of 4:
Back Squat  4×5 @ 75% + 5lbs from last week
Additional accessory work; not for time or loading; minimal rest between sets:
3×8 Partner Glute Ham Raises
3×10 Overhead Lunges
3×20 GHD sit-ups
*Alternate movements, 30-60sec rest between sets

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Yoga Super Coach Emily with her “Beautiful” Holiday sweater during the 2013 event.  #UglySweatersEncouraged

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