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Wednesday 2-16-2011


Wednesday 2-16-2011

There is an additional 5:30pm class available today with Trish!
Front Squat 5-3-2
Run 5k for time
Run course will start and finish at the back door of Alpine.  You will start by running around the South end of the building and make a LEFT/NORTH on the sidewalk of Ward Road.  Continue NORTH on Ward and make a LEFT/WEST on the sidewalk of 52nd ave.  From there you have a nice long straight-a-way running against traffic on a very large shoulder of the road until the turn around point at Eldridge Street.  Eldridge St. is the first and only stop sign you will hit on 52nd Ave.  Same route returning back to Alpine.  Once you turn RIGHT into the parking lot from Ward, you will run our typical 400m route and finish at the back door of our facility.  GET SOME!
Enough said!

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