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Wednesday, 3-12-2014


Wednesday, 3-12-2014

Workout of the Day
In as few of sets as possible, accumulate 4min in a handstand 
– Traditional back to wall handstand (scale to modified wall walk)
– Short rests between sets! (example: go 30sec on 30sec off for 8 sets)
Six Rounds For Max Total Reps:
45sec Power Clean 155/105
45sec Knees to elbows
30sec Rest

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

This is our Alpine CrossFit custom leaderboard which you can create through the website.  Pretty cool!  Its fun to track yourself and see how you stack up against some of your fellow “competitive exercisers” at Alpine!  Remember we’re a team and the goal is never to compete AGAINST each other, but rather WITH each other.  Enjoy the rest of the Open everyone =) Its been a blast so far and everyone is learning and improving! 

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