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Wednesday, 3-7-2012


Wednesday, 3-7-2012

Open Gym & WOD 12.3 Prep 6:00-8:00pm this evening (no 6:30pm class)
Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Prowler high push 3x20m
Prowler low push 3x20m
Accumulate 3min of hollow holds
Our close friends at CrossFit MHF (Rachel and Shawn aka BOYFRIEND) are having their grand opening this Saturday.  Its a kick ass place that isn’t far from us.  Many of you have seen the flyers at Alpine and are planning to attend. Lets bring a big turnout for them!!
Our plan for Saturday is to host the Open 12.3 WOD at Alpine from 10:00-12pm and then we will organize a group and head over to MHF to help them celebrate.  We are also hosting a CPR/First Aid course from 1-5pm which several Alpine coaches will be attending and then joining the MHF party fashionably late.

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