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Wednesday, 4-1-2015


Wednesday, 4-1-2015

Workout of the Day
Leisurely spend 20min just KILLING IT on the elliptical
3×10 DB flys
3×10 DB lateral raises
400×10 sets of various bicep curls (while watching yourself in the mirror…duh)
3×10 on some kind of machine you’ve never even seen but act like you know what you’re doing #ownit
3×10 Calf raises (to juice up the legs)
*Rx+ Option: Do your curls in the one and only squat rack in the place
*Rx++ Option:  Walk around the gym for 8min between sets and definitely don’t talk to anyone


^^^^Hope you got as much fun out of that one as I did =)
Ladies and gents, the final ACF Leaderboard.  Congrats again to all of the BRAVE SOULS who 1) participated this year 2) ate some serious humble pie and 3) learned a lot about their fitness and 4) how to improve it! 
The Reebok Nano drawing will be going on right after I finish this post so congrats to _________________ (most likely a total BA) who won!!!
Now for the #CrossFitLife Workout of the Day…
Overhead Squat – Find your 10 rep max.
*After warm-up, find your 10RM in no more than two sets.
*Warm-up with sets of 5’s before starting your two sets of 10 (exmple: 5-5-5-10-10)
Eight Rounds For Time:
10 Wall Balls 20/14 10’/9′
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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