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Wednesday 4-20-2011


Wednesday 4-20-2011

Goat Day
12min AMRAP
Movement “X”
Movement “Y”

The birthday girl CRUSHED the burpees in yesterday's WOD. She banged out 54 in the final 2 minutes! No one even came close to matching that. Coach Trish = STUD!!!

A “goat” is a movement/exercise that you would not want to see programmed in a WOD, or something you aren’t sure how to perform correctly, or an exercise you just flat out HATE.  In other words, goats are weaknesses and they are limiting your progress .  We can ignore these weaknesses or we can “take the goats by the horns,” get it done, and become better athletes.  As CrossFitters, I hope you always chose the latter.  Your coaches will help you program accordingly. Looking forward to a productive day!

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