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Wednesday 4-4-2012


Wednesday 4-4-2012

Alpine!! Lets get registered NOW for this event which Alpine CrossFit is helping to sponsor. Survivor Mud Run Colorado. Prices go up  4/10/12, DONT WAIT! REGISTER NOW! Get ready for the most insane day of your life!!!

5 Rounds:
6 Front Squat 115/75
9 KB Swing 75/55
12 OH Plate Lunges 55/35
Nutrition Seminar 6:30pm next Weds at 6:30pm. Come learn about the Paleo liifestyle, (quality), Zone (quantity) and fueling your body for success.  We are starting a nutrition challenge (nutrition not a diet!) April 15th! Lets get the body healthy & not waste all that effort you are putting in the gym!
New Speed Ropes are in!! $11. See a coach to pick out your color and get it measured!
 Austin kickin’ it with 115# Stone Squats.
 Tanner & Doug SDHPullin’

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