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Wednesday, 6-20-2012


Wednesday, 6-20-2012

Bench press – work up to a 5 rep max
For time:
Run 500m
30 Squat Clean Thrusters  135/95
Row 500m
**These squat clean thrusters must be one fluid motion – they cannot be a power clean to front squat to push press/jerk

Congrats to our 7 Alpine athletes who competed in Legends this past weekend:  Rawnduh, Heather, Anna, Bassman, James (aka HUGE), Galo, and B-RAD!  Galo won the male 40-49, B-RAD was 2nd in the male 50+, Rhonda was 2nd in her 29-ish age category, and Anna was 3rd in the very competitive Women’s 30-39 category.  Also this was Heather, James, Galo, and B-RAD’s first ever competition.  Congratulations you guys!!!  We hope you had so much fun!!!

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