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Wednesday 7-11-2012

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  1. foust

    On Friday I will be coaching all day. During this time the Crossfit games will be going. During classes I will have the projector going attached to a laptop that has the games streaming live. This allows an opportunity for everyone to see the sport and fitness programming that we participate in at the highest level. After the 6:30 class I will bust out all of the gluten free beers that I can find. Their are about ten that are commercially available, and I consider them a point of expertise for myself. This will be a tasting of these beverages not a waking up in your parents front yard with obscenities written on your face type of event. Food is also an option, but the organization of this is up to others. I can provide a grill, but do not know what everyone else is interested in, and what they desire to bring. E-mail me, or post on this thread if you have ideas. [email protected]

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