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Wednesday, 7-27-2011


Wednesday, 7-27-2011

“Goat WOD”
15min AMRAP
5 Burpees
Goat X
5 Burpees
Goat Y

Welcome to Alpine, Jennifer. We LOVE your awesome attitude!!!

What is a “goat”??  A “goat” is that thing you HATE to see programmed either at our facility or would be terrified to see programmed in competition.  They can range from pistols to running or KB squat snatches to double unders or muscle-ups to ring handstand push-ups, etc etc etc.  In other words, goats are weakness and they must be exposed assuming you want to improve your athleticism (duh!!).  We never want you to always work what you are GOOD at…we want you to always improve what you SUCK at.  Pony up and lets all become better athletes today.

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