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Wednesday, 9-10-2014


Wednesday, 9-10-2014

Workout of the Day

Push/Pull Strength Skill work.
Alternate movements, rest 60sec between sets.
A) 3×5 Floor Press  (go heavier than last week)
B)  3 sets:  5 Strict pull-ups then ME Chest-bar kipping pull-ups (record total score)



For Total Running Time:
Row 1000m; Rest 120sec
Row 800m; Rest 90sec
Row 600m; Rest 60sec
Row 400m; Rest 30sec
Row 200m; done =)
*When there are more than 9 people per class we will alternate two groups between the strength/skill and conditioning.
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.
Excellent rowing coaching video from Ben Bergeron and CrossFit HQ:

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