Hello Home Gym, Goodbye Social Life: 3 Tips to Stay Connected to Like-Minded People.

Ian Day
January 29, 2021
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With as many benefits as home gyms have, it’s no wonder they’ve grown in such popularity over the past year! Home gyms allow you more time to train, listen to whatever music you like, and offer a judgment-free zone. It's the trifecta! With that, there are two draw-backs that are not being talked about in this trend- Social Aspect and Accountability.Nothing binds people together like a tough workout, similar lifestyles and the accountability to stay healthy.

Take a look at all the photos you’re tagged in on social media...are they all with your gym buddies? It’s no coincidence! You hang out with people who have similar lifestyles. Gyms that demand hard work also demand certain lifestyles—healthy eating, quality sleep, consistency and INTENSITY. So you're hanging out with those gym buddies because they prioritize the same things you do, which is a good thing!

If 2021 has you training solo in your own gym, here are a couple tips to stay connected with a like-minded community:

1–Continue to follow your gyms programming! If your gym has an app like SugarWOD or Wodify, you’re able to maintain that sense of community virtually by posting scores and commenting on others.

2–Keep a punch pass to your gym! Most boxes program 1 day a week for partner WODs. Having that punch pass allows you to prioritize a gym visit on those days and get a fun workout in with friends.

3–Join the gyms challenges. Most gyms offer fun monthly challenges or in-house comps. Making sure your involved in these will also help you keep that pulse with your buddies. We happen to have Friday Night Lights returning this year... ;)

Overall, the gym’s social aspect provides more accountability than many garage-gymers can find otherwise, so we encourage all of you to stay plugged in!

With LOTS of Fitness and LOTS of Love,

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