June 2021 AOTM Dillon Youngman!

Seth Hendrix
June 27, 2021
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Hey all!
This month's athlete is Dillon Youngman. Dillon is an absolutely legit human being, so here is something from Dillon himself! This style should suit Dillon a little more than our typical q&a form. Give him a congrats on his semis performance as he placed 23rd at a VERY selective competition.

"My background in CrossFit and PT: I started CrossFit about 7 years ago (wow) at the encouragement of my college baseball teammate. We both discovered that we liked CrossFit better than baseball so we dove headlong into that. After getting my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science I opened my own affiliate, CrossFit Middle of the Map in Wichita, KS, which I owned for a couple years. For a while I was able to help my members with the aches and pains that they were having with a lacrosse ball and typical stretching, etc, but I had no idea how to answer their more in depth questions. After searching for a while, I determined that the best way to get those answers was to go to Physical Therapy school, which is where I'm at now, at Regis University. I also do individual remote coaching for CrossFit athletes in addition to programming for Alpine CrossFit. I'm really excited to be part of the programming and coaching team at Alpine; Lisa, Seth and the rest of the coaching staff are awesome people, and I'm pumped to get to work alongside them and the rest of the community!

My competitive background and what training looks like for me right now: I first made Regionals in 2017 and again in 2018 in the Central Region. I've also competed at the Sanctional Level at Granite Games and Wodapalooza before competing this year at the Semifinal level at West Coast Classic. My training has looked different over the years. When I owned my affiliate, I was able to train basically as a full time athlete (5 hours a day most days), but my time is much more limited when I am in PT school. In the leadup to WCC, I trained once before my clinical rotation (6:30-7:45 AM) and again afterwards (7-9:00 PM) most days. Typically I have been on the stronger end of the competitive field, so in the past year plus I haven't done much strength work, but this season has shown that the field is getting absurdly strong, and my training might need to adapt a bit. The Ruck Run at WCC also showed that my aerobic capacity is...... underdeveloped, so training going forward is likely to be on both sides of the spectrum: some heavy strength work and some long endurance work.

I also want to be sure to say a massive thank you to Annie, Megan and to everyone from Alpine who either came to the pancake breakfast, donated to help pay for my travel expenses, told me good luck, or sent me an encouraging message this past weekend at the West Coast Classic, I appreciate it more than you can know! "

-Dillon Youngman

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