Mary Graham AOTM October!

I started going to a CrossFit gym in 2012. I had retired from playing and coaching rugby and basically got bored.
Seth Hendrix
September 20, 2021
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What's Your Name?

Mary Graham

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Who or what got you started?

I started going to a CrossFit gym in 2012.  I had retired from playing and coaching rugby and basically got bored.  I had done a few CrossFit/functional Fitness workouts through the CrossFit main site and through other fitness programs and I liked the variety and intensity.  So I signed up for the full-time experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I'm local.  I grew up in Arvada, CO, went to Arvada High School, and graduated from the Colorado School of Mines.  I joined the Army after college and I was stationed at Ft Hood, TX for 4 years.  After that I lived in Houston, TX for 13 years where I worked in the energy industry and coached rugby at Rice University. I moved back to Colorado in 2006 where I currently am a Project Manager at an oil and gas engineering firm.  I compete in (Masters) Olympic Weightlifting and I am avid hiker of Colorado's 13K and 14K peaks.

What is your favorite memory at Alpine CrossFit?

First day back to CrossFit fall 2020 at Alpine CrossFit - 6:30pm class.

What was your workout regimen before joining Alpine?

Olympic Weightlifting.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

I have always played sports, worked out and generally liked fitness, but my time in CrossFit peaked my interest in nutrition.  When I joined CrossFit, I went all in, cleaned up my diet and basically started working down the path of becoming a nutrition coach.  I am a Precision Nutrition L1 Nutrition Coach (currently getting my L2).   I have been coaching nutrition for Weightlifters and rugby players for the past 4 years.

mountain climbing
mountain climbing

If you could write a book, what would it be about?

Nutrition for Master Athletes (50+).

What category would you be least excited/most excited to see on Jeopardy?

Most excited - Anything from the "80s."  Least excited - Reality TV shows

What was your first workout, and what did you think after doing it?

My first CrossFit WOD was Isabelle (30 snatches for time).  I did it with a 35#.

What is your favorite and least favorite WOD?

My favorite WOD is Cindy - I generally like longer WODs, more than 20 minutes.  My least favorite WOD is Fran or basically anything that includes a thruster.  

What are your favorite and least favorite movements?

Favorite movements are the snatch and split jerk.  Least favorite movement is the thruster and double-unders - just gross.

What advice would you give a newbie just getting started at Alpine CrossFit?

Ask the coach for help, scale the workouts, and be consistent.

man with sunglasses
man with sunglasses

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