Sarah Day

Sarah Day


Ultra-marathon finisher
265# back squat
305# deadlift


Crossfit Level 1 instructor, varsity basketball coach

I’ve been doing CrossFit for over ten years now, about six of those have been at Alpine. I played varsity basketball growing up here in Colorado and I graduated from the University of Denver and received a master's from Johns Hopkins. I’m a Colorado native and spent most of my time outside hiking 14ers in the summer but I tended to go dormant over since I don’t ski like everyone else. That’s why I started Crossfit - and haven’t stopped since 2010!

I spent most of my young life worrying about my weight and my appearance. I was always overweight and constantly trying to control my eating and exercise habits to the point that I hated my body for what it didn’t provide me. I wasn’t skinny. I wasn’t tall. I wasn’t what my small middle and high school world considered to be beautiful. When I started crossfit I began to see the parts of me that I hated and criticized as some of my strongest and best attributes (my thunder thighs helped me squat 264# and deadlift 305#). I no longer focused on what my body looked like but rather I began to focus on what it could do. It was a transformation that has forever changed the way I see myself and the world around me. Our bodies are absolutely amazing - let’s start treating them that way!

Motivation & Passion

I hope that through coaching I can help others appreciate all the incredible things that their bodies can do. It’s such a liberating and empowering feeling to watch your body do the things it’s built to do! I love to help athletes at every skill level and ability to grow and learn how to move efficiently and safely and become better people inside and out.

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